Think Feel Sing - Vocal Training & Exercises Book

Think Feel Sing Book by Franco Spoto

Some readers thoughts:

Un-do all of the toxic misconceptions about singing! Franco’s words bring us back to what singing truly is; a natural expression and a practice through which we are brought back to our truest selves!As someone who’s spent her adolescence “struggling” to get her voice “do” what I “wanted” it to “do”– let this book expose all of your misguided (well-intentioned) approaches, and act as a liberating guide toward vocal freedom.”

“Spoto completely avoids the typical Western thought-paradigm of over-controlling everything, which results in the all-too-frequent treatment of the voice as if it were a GADGET to be disassembled and re-assembled like a car engine. Singers, give thanks!

“In this gem of a book, Mr. Spoto has written clearly and persuasively with warmth and humor, an important text on the art of singing, in which he explains and demystifies the technical building blocks that form the base needed to help a singer find his or her unique voice.”


Private study with Franco, using the book as reference between sessions, is the most impactful way of learning how to play the instrument within you and keep it in good health so that you always sound your very best.

Private study is available at studios in Manhattan and East Chatham, NY
or via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype.