How do I relax my jaw?

Learn how the jaw actually moves as you open your mouth to sing, what exercises strengthen and make fluid that movement, and you will experience tension-free function, which seems to be relaxation but is really a balanced, poised coordination.

Where do I start?

Let’s start with the carriage of a singing body as it relates to classical music: art song, operetta and opera. Is these genres there can never be stiffness, but there must always be a calm poise, prepared to respond physically to the emotion of the music. Many are asked to do things: keep your shoulders back,… Read more »

Why did I retitle my book: THINK FEEL SING?

There came a moment when the original title, SINGING, Nature‚Äôs Gift to You, while accurate in my intention to present the inborn natural ease of singing, did not speak pointedly to the what?  and how? of my understanding. I think that it should. A book about the nuts and bolts of singing is not a weekend or beach read. Those… Read more »