Private Vocal Lessons in Manhattan, NY and Online

Come to me with an open mind, a strong desire and a love of singing,
and I will show just how easy it can be.

The journey from wanting to sing well to actually having fun singing in any style of music is one of self discovery. Self-awareness then replaces self-consciousness, the big obstacle for many singers. The good news is that we are born to sing – babies “la-la” musically long before they utter mama. We are all physical melodic instruments. Anyone can learn the mechanics of singing, while your individual natures – imagination, physiology, desire – combine with mechanics to take you to your comfort level as a performer.

Artistic singing is the product of the power of your imagination and oil-smooth coordination, not physical force. Exercises to build strength, flexibility and balance into the various muscles of the vocal body are mindfully practiced in order to create habits of coordination, muscle memories, which help your vocal body to respond accurately and artistically to your thoughts of tone and phrasing. You learn to feel what is moving and how it moves. Then you sing from feeling, not from listening to yourself; by intention, not by force; by release, not by projection.

There is no difference in the muscles used or in their coordination whether you are singing folk, rock, pop, musical theater, country, gospel or opera. The difference, given proper development of your voice, is in your concept of tone and style, your imagination. In the process you learn to see and feel what is happening when you sing. You become aware of yourself as a physical instrument. You can imagine every aspect of a note or phrase exactly as you want it to sound and your trained voice will produce it. As you study this way, questions about breath, posture, support, resonance, range, registers and many others are answered.

I invite you to begin one of the most enlightening journeys you may ever take. The simple truth is that the difference between apprehension and confidence is information. Become informed. Open your mind’s eye. The sights are stunning!

Since working with Franco I’ve made faster, more sure progress than ever before in my 20+ years of singing.

“Franco provides the compete package: he is a master of the structural and functional aspects of vocal production, an accomplished performer and interpreter, and, in writing and lessons, a master observer and communicator. ”                                               – Current Student

The Book

Priced well below the cost of a single private lesson, THINK FEEL SING offers the seeds of a long and detailed course of study.There are so many books about singing but so few about the physical voice, its look, its feel.

If you want to play the violin, you buy one built to function. You can hold it, tune it, learn fingering and bowing techniques and, given a musical imagination, become some kind of artist with it. Do you know what your vocal body looks like, feels like? Until you do, to what are you applying your musical imagination?

In THINK FEEL SING you will find answers to that question and many others. Singing is not about being a “star” unless you want it to be. Singing is part of your nature, an expression of your consciousness, an emotional release, a tonic for your psyche, the primal scream gone pretty.

The journey of self-discovery of your melodic nature can be rested whenever you like. Just because you workout in a gym doesn’t mean that you are dreaming of a Mr. Universe crown. There are so many plateaus after becoming “fit”. Hang out where you are most comfortable. The workout that Franco Spoto proposes here, after basic understanding of support, breath pressure and feeling the physical voice, can help you become the most natural jazz, folk or pop singer. The more diligently you work at it, the more balanced, strong and flexible your natural voice develops and, given those properties uniquely your own, the wider the choices of music open to you.

This book offers a vehicle for understanding your voice and becoming the best shower singer that you can imagine or achieving stardom in the opera house and all local stops in between.

It’s about you.