Your study of singing is a journey of self-discovery.


With Franco as your guide, you will become aware of what your voice looks like, feels like, how it works and through proper physical training and self-awareness, you will learn
how to make the music that you sing a matter of your choice, rather than the limit of your ability.




Private lessons are available in studios in Manhattan and East Chatham, NY as well as online via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype.


Renowned tenor Franco Spoto is dedicated to helping others understand the wonders of the human voice that he has discovered over a 50 year career performing on stages around the world. His research into the body, the mind and the energy of singing has culminated in his first book on the sensations of healthy singing and the mind/body connection, THINK FEEL SING, available in paperback and e-book editions. He offers private lessons at studios in Manhattan and East Chatham, NY and online, as well as workshops, seminars and masterclasses on location.

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