Package Lessons Available

There may be no more centering, healing activity of the human condition than that of imagining and freely releasing vocal sound, an extension of our most basic selves, organized vibrations, SINGING.

Suddenly our lives are changed, allowing more time for meditation, contemplation, reassessment of what matters.

In an effort to help those who would like to understand better how easily the imagination and the balanced body can coordinate in order to release easy singing, I am offering an introductory series of lessons online. Normally $100.00 per hour, I present this package of 10 lessons for $500.00 or $50.00 per hour-long lesson.

These are difficult days with insecure financial future, but a great need for emotional release and centering. Every style of singing can benefit from this approach.

The lessons carry no obligation to continue after the 10 sessions are complete and can be scheduled for ten consecutive days or for up to ten weeks from the first session. This offer is available until June 1, 2021.

Call or text 518-755-2691 to learn more.

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